aahkopihkwee- (v.an.intran)  Urinate, pee intensely
Basic Forms
Myaamia English
aahkopihkwiaani I urinate, pee intensely
aahkopihkwiaanki We (excl.) urinate, pee intensely
aahkopihkweeyankwi We (incl.) urinate, pee intensely
aahkopihkweeyani You urinate, pee intensely
aahkopihkweeyiikwi You (pl.) urinate, pee intensely
aahkopihkweeci He / She urinates, pees intensely
aahkopihkweeciki They urinate, pee intensely

Command Forms
Myaamia English
aahkopihkweelo you urinate, pee intensely!
aahkopihkweeko You (pl.) urinate, pee intensely!
aahkopihkweetaawi Let's urinate, pee intensely!

Example Sentences
Myaamia English
aalime kati aahkopihkwiaani I really have to pee

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