alimaahkii- (  Pack and prepare to leave one's place
Basic Forms
Myaamia English
eelimaahkiaani I prepare to leave
eelimaahkiaanki We (excl.) prepare to leave
eelimaahkiiyankwi We (incl.) prepare to leave
eelimaahkiiyani You prepare to leave
eelimaahkiiyiikwi You (pl.) prepare to leave
eelimaahkiici/eelimaahkiita He prepares to leave
eelimaahkiiciki They prepare to leave

Command Forms
Myaamia English
alimaahkiilo You prepare to leave!
alimaahkiiko You (pl.) prepare to leave!
alimaahkiitaawi Let's prepare to leave!

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